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טייץ צמוד – Short light blue Alo Yoga tights for women

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Alo Yoga clothes at affordable prices, the Alo Yoga workout clothes brand has arrived in Brandcity with a wide variety of suits, tights, bras and tops at an affordable price and free home delivery – Alo Yoga

The company is yoga

Alo Yoga was founded in 2007 in Los Angeles by CEO Danny Harris together with Marco De George, Alo Yoga is named after a community called "The Alo Family" a community consisting of more than 4000 yoga people and teachers, the company specializes in active clothing and aims to inspire health and create a community around the brand.
The company today is international and known to many European countries, in Israel there is not even one branch of the brand


Many influencers wear the sports clothes of Elo Yoga and their children are Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid, the great sympathy for the brand among the celebrities helped a lot to market the brand which finds existence among the most desirable workout brands

Elo Yoga's training suits – tights, bras and a top

Elo Yoga's training clothes were created under the inspiration of thousands of yoga teachers and people whose goal is to inspire health and fitness. The brand is considered the highest quality in its field that produces high-quality, breathable fabrics that know how to integrate with the exerciser's movement and maintain great flexibility and comfort – in the company's products you can find tights, bras, tops, shoes, High quality socks and bags too.
You can match the brand's training set with our New Balance shoes and complete a quality training set that will allow you to train in comfort and quality!

Even in Israel, the brand's symbol can be seen in many places and in sports centers, and it has become a must-have item of clothing among the leaders of public opinion, and all this without even having a single physical store of the brand in Israel!

During the Corona, the brand's sales grew by over 120 percent mainly due to online sales

On our website you can find the desired brand products.

Brandcity – the brand city of Israel, invites you to enjoy a wide variety of bras, tops and tights from Alo Yoga for women and the variety of products from Nike and many successful fashion companies at extremely cheap and attractive prices, with free delivery to the customer's home!! For any questions and advice, we invite you to contact our customer service on TikTok , WhatsApp , Instagram, and Facebook and we will help you find the perfect look for you!


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